This page provides general notes on some example EPUB documents.


We are analyzing some example EPUB documents, discovering and documenting Known Issues that AxAp will need to address. Our current document collection includes:

Publisher TitleSorted ascending Year Ver. AV FR Nav NCX
O'Reilly Accessible EPUB 3 2012 3.0 No Yes Yes No!
Manning Elixir in Action 2015 2.0 No No No Yes
O'Reilly EPUB 3 Best Practices 2013 3.0 No No Yes Yes
Pragmatic Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0 2013 2.0 No No No Ehh
Ruth Tait The Honeyed Tale 2016 3.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manning The Well-Grounded Rubyist 2009 2.0 No No No Yes


  • AV - audio-visual content?
  • FR - freely redistributable?
  • Nav - has an EPUB 3 Nav file?
  • NCX - has an EPUB 2 NCX file?
  • Ver. - document's EPUB version
  • Year - year of publication


  • NCX column
    • The "Ehh" entry refers to the fact that the "Part" level is missing.
    • The "No!" entry refers to the fact that this (required) file is missing.


We are looking into several sources for EPUB test documents. We are particularly interested in finding freely redistributable ones that we can use for field testing (e.g., posting on our server):


If you are involved with publishing in EPUB format and would like to submit a document for review and/or use in field testing, please get in touch! Extra points for challenging layout (e.g., tables, sidebars); libre (freely redistributable) licensing is required for field testing.

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