This page is an informal summary of AxAp's project status.


Dozens of wiki pages have been created, covering requirements analysis, systems design, etc.

Mockup Pages

Several "mockup" web pages have been developed to experiment with user interface (UI) options:

  • presentation of information from graph-based diagrams, using English text,
    variations on Cypher and DOT code, and HTML tables

  • presentation of styling information (e.g., bold, italic) for formatted text

Demo Server

An AxAp demonstration server (axap) is available for online access. It is written in Sinatra, a Ruby-based domain specific language and web application library.

Code Presentation

In line with our goal of making source code more accessible, and as an exercise in dogfooding, axap displays its own source code. We are experimenting with various presentation techniques, e.g.:

Data Presentation

Delimiter-separated value files (e.g., CSV) are commonly used by databases and spreadsheets as a way to exchange rectangular data sets. CSV, in particular, is well supported as a file format. axap_ds can read CSV files, displaying them as sortable tables.

We plan to support other data formats, including JSON, XML. and YAML. Initially, this will probably consist of some of the same modifications we perform on code (plus prettyprinting).

EPUB Presentation

axap can import, read, and present EPUB documents (versions 2 and 3). We are currently working on navigation support, e.g.:

  • extracting data from Nav, NCX, and OPF files
  • generating TOC pages from the extracted data
  • aggregating and reconciling TOC information
  • generating a "best effort" TOC page
  • generating additional navigation links, etc.

Operating Modes

axap can be run in several modes, with different security characteristics. In development mode (the Sinatra default), the server only responds to requests from clients (e.g., browsers) on the same machine. Assuming that the machine is on a private network (e.g., behind a firewall), the developer may specify dev_open mode to open up access to other local machines.

In demo mode, which we use for our demonstration server, the server responds to all requests but limits the available content. For example, some EPUB chapters are not viewable. However, authorized users can use the Login page to gain increased access.

Finally, we support two "production" modes (prod_http and prod_https). These modes require all users to log in, providing controlled access to local resources (e.g., files, services). Although prod_http is safe to use on private networks, prod_https should be safe everywhere.

Wish List

We have a very substantial Wish List for AxAp features (e.g., extraction, transformation, presentation), with some SWAGs at difficulty, importance, urgency, and so forth. Comments and suggestions welcome...

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin, an independent consultant specializing in software design, development, and documentation. Please feel free to email comments, inquiries, suggestions, etc!

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