The Team

This page introduces the members of AxAp's development team.

Amanda Lacy

Amanda, who has been blind since birth, recently graduated from UT Austin's Computer Science program. She has been interested for years in areas such as acoustic navigation aids, data sonification, etc. She is our domain expert on Braille, "programming while blind", and related topics.

Amanda is contributing a great deal of user feedback on AxAp (e.g., accessible presentation and manipulation of source code, pain points in blind access to digital content). She expects to work on various parts of the AxAp system, including the design of the user interface and the initial set of user preferences.

Rich Morin

Rich expects to create most of the mockup data sets, as well as the initial, proof of concept versions (e.g., application servers written in Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby/Sinatra, Elm single-page applications, wrappers for a few services). He also performed an (informal!) requirements analysis, resulting in this wiki's content.

Rich has several decades of experience in software design, development, and documentation, primarily in the area of scientific support programming.


Many thanks to Gene Dronek, Isaac Wingfield, Matthias Neeracher, and Vicki Brown for their occasional (but nonetheless helpful) assistance.

We also appreciate the cooperation of folks on various mailing lists, who have tolerated (and sometimes helped us with!) our questions and notions. In particular, we have been treated very well by folks at San Francisco's LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The BRLTTY, Emacspeak, and Seeing with Sound mailing lists have also been helpful, as have the W3C's SVG and WAI-ARIA communities.

A number of individuals and projects are doing groundbreaking work in experimenting with and standardizing accessibility tooling. Learning about their efforts and discoveries has been very useful. We thank all of these folks for their work and hope that others will find our work useful, as well.

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin, an independent consultant specializing in software design, development, and documentation. Please feel free to email comments, inquiries, suggestions, etc!

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