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Mathematical formulas commonly use non-ASCII characters and fancy typography. This makes them largely inaccessible to screen readers. MathML (an XML dialect) is supported directly by screen readers such as JAWS. LaTeX (a TeX preprocessor language) is not, but latex-access can translate LaTeX to braille code.

Input Output Brief Description of Feature ED SI SU WIP Activities
Formula (eg, LaTeX, MathML) Braille translate mathematical markup 3 7 7 AUR, DGA
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Map Data

Various public web sites (e.g., Bing Maps, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap) provide map-related data, including a wealth of scalable images, travel directions, etc. Using the sites' APIs, it should be possible to generate queries, process the responses, and present the information in a blind-accessible fashion.

Most mapping sites concentrate almost exclusively on large-scale, exterior features. So, for example, they may handle public streets and even transit facilities, but stop short of mapping the insides of public buildings, walkways, etc. Fortunately, there is some prospect that technologies such as Tango can be leveraged to collect geometric models of building interiors.

Input Output Brief Description of Feature ED SI SU WIP Activities
Map Data (eg, HTML, JSON) JSON generate blind-accessible map data 3 7 5 AUR, DGA
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