Hardware - Display Groves

These Groves are apparently intended to provide visual feedback to users (e.g., displaying text, emitting light). Clearly, they will seldom be of use in that manner to a blind user.

On the other hand, they might be of use in a more indirect manner. For example, a blind user might program an LCD display to show text to sighted companions. Alternatively, an LED could be used to trigger a Light Sensor for some sort of optics experiment. In any case, they were included in the Grove Starter Kit for Arduino, so we have them...

These devices respond very quickly to variations in the supplied current (much faster, for example, than the human eye). Some sketches may take advantage of this "persistence of vision" by sending a series of pulses. If the series is sent fast enough, human eyes will integrate (sum) the pulses. This produces the impression of a continuous light source with varying intensity, as used in display screens, etc. However, a digital camera, light sensor, or other electronic device may not perform this integration, so YMMV.

LCD RGB Backlight

The LCD RGB Backlight Grove is a Liquid Crystal Display whose backlight (i.e., background color) can be selected by adjusting RGB (red, green, blue) levels. It can display a variety of characters (alphanumeric, special, user-defined), using black pixels on a solid background in a selected color.

This Grove is normally cabled to an I2C port. It is about 3.2" wide and 1.6" tall (the display is about 2.8" long and 0.9" tall). The display and (side-facing) port socket are on the top of the Grove.

LED Socket Kit

The LED Socket Kit contains a Grove and three LEDs (red, green, blue). If an LED receives an appropriate amount of current in the correct direction, it will light up.

This Grove is normally cabled to a digital port. The top of the Grove has a pair of female single-pin sockets which can accept the lead wires (stiff, about 1" long) from an LED (Light Emitting Diode). The longer (+) lead MUST go into the socket closest to the corner of the Grove or the LED will not function.


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