Grove Sketches

The sketches listed on this page are intended for use with the "Grove Starter Kit for Arduino" or an equivalent set of components. Although the kit contains a few components (e.g, LCD display, LEDs) that may not be of much use to blind users, it's still a fine starting point for exploration.

A number of things about the Grove concept and implementation seem well suited to independent use by blind or visually impaired users. For example, although the Arduino signals are all available on the shield, users can mostly ignore these, using only the (polarized, four-pin) sockets and cables.


For details on the hardware we're using, please see the following files:


In general, we follow Arduino practices in naming and organizing software. So, for example:

  • Each "sketch" is stored in a single directory (e.g., `foo`).
  • The directory contains C++ source code files named `*.ino`.
  • The main program is named to match the directory (e.g., `foo.ino`)
  • Before compilation, the Arduino IDE concatenates the `*.ino` files.

CSE Sketches

The Control Shield Exercise (Projects/Access/Utiles/AR/US/CSE) sketches were developed for our Control Shield prototype, an extended version of the SparkFun Joystick Shield. After prototyping the hardware, we wrote several sketches to try out the hardware and determine how blind-accessible it was. We are porting these to the Grove System, but retaining the original versions for reference.

  • CSE_orig - Control Shield Exercises (original versions)
  • CSE_port - Control Shield Exercises (ported to Grove)

The CSE collection of sketches includes:

  • cycle_pitch - cycle the pitch on button press
  • dooDooDOO - play a three-tone alert in setup()
  • pitch_pot - vary delay and pitch, using a potentiometer
  • pitch_rot - vary delay and pitch, using a rotary encoder
  • pitch_tilt - vary delay and pitch, using a joystick
  • raw_tone - play a bouncing, intermittent tone in loop()
  • setup_alert - play a two-tone alert in setup()

Seeed Sketches

The Seeed community has developed a large number of Arduino sketches for the Grove System. However, many of these assume that the user is able to see an LCD display, LED light, etc. We are porting these to AxArd, adding audible feedback (etc) to make them more accessible. Again, we are retaining the original versions for reference.

  • Seeed_orig - Seed sketches (original versions)
  • Seeed_port - Seed sketches (ported to AxArd)

Our subset of the Seeed sketches includes:

  • ...


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