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Rich Hickey's Codeq (from "code quantum") project is a novel and (IMNSHO) critically-needed piece of infrastructure for the field of mechanized documentation. For an explanation, see Motivation.


Codeq project extracts metadata from a Git repository, storing the result in a Datomic database. For more information, see codeq's:

My Datomic project web also contains information on Codeq:

Wish List

This section documents some interesting (IMHO) possibilities for extending codeq in various directions (eg, user interface, target formats). Feedback (eg, comments, suggestions) are most welcome...

Other Resources

  • Codemeta

    "Code as a Research Object: Standardizing Metadata"

  • Codeq Cookbook

    This is a (WIP!) start on a cookbook of Codeq queries, rules, etc.

  • Codeq Samples

    This is a (WIP!) start on some sample Git trees, etc.

  • Codeq Playground

    A quick and easy way to play around with queries against your Clojure Git repositories.

  • Datomic in the Browser

    Torch is a source code analysis and visualization tool built (by Ragnar DahlÚn, et al) on top of codeq and Datomic.

  • Eastwood

    Eastwood is a Clojure lint tool which uses the analyze library to inspect namespaces and report possible problems.

  • GitHub importing; tags and branches

    Dan Burkert has two patches for Codeq (github import; tags and branches). See repo-protocol.

  • Google Summer of Codeq

    This is my name for Navgeet Agrawal's GSoC 2013 project. See GSoCq for more information.

  • Jida

    This is Wei Hsu's interactive interface to a hosted (on Heroku) instance of Codeq. The Jida source code is maintained at yayitswei/jida.

  • Project Grok

    Project Grok (by Steve Yegge and company at Google) is a very aggressive attempt at multi-language code analysis.

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin. Please feel free to email comments, suggestions, etc!

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