In my mind, object orientation provides two essential features: encapsulation and polymorphism. A well-designed object oriented system models domain concepts along well-defined boundaries, hiding internal details from the outside world and treating like concepts as like concepts because they share the same interfaces.

Careful readers will note that the word "inheritance" does not appear in that paragraph. That is no accident.

Polymorphism is an interesting concept. I see it as providing genericity and extensibility. I may not know all of the potential uses for an object when I create it, but I need to have an accurate idea of how the object behaves. I need to be able to name that collection of behaviors. If I've created the object well, the collection of behaviors the object provides has a meaningful and understandable name.

A role is a name for a discrete collection of behaviors.

-- The Why of Perl Roles, chromatic


  • Role (Perl 6)



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