These pages document my research on and experiences with the Datomic database. For Codeq-specific information, see my Codeq web.


... database queries can create new information that is not stored in the database, although it is logically implied by the stored data. Retrieving stored data is relatively easy. To discover new knowledge is an enduring challenge. The main purpose of databases is to aid knowledge discovery.

-- Introduction to Databases: From Biological to Spatio-Temporal, Peter Revesz

Datomic is an eclectic and imaginative database architecture, influenced by functional and logic programming, graph and relational databases, and the Semantic Web. I have a variety of projects (eg, mechanized documentation) that Datomic could fit into. So, I'm studying and experimenting with the technology, hoping to find out how good the fit actually is.


  • Projects - Datomic projects (eg, on GitHub)

  • Schemas - examples and notes on Datomic schemas


  • Codeq - examples and notes on Codeq

  • ReMedia - graph-based media index

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