Here are some useful shell (etc) commands for use with Elixir.


# In shell
iex                           # start IEx
iex foo.ex                    # start IEx on foo.ex file
iex -S mix                    # start IEx on current project

# In IEx
c "foo.exs"                   # compile and run foo.exs file
cd "~"                        # return to home directory
clear, ls, pwd                # run named Unix command
h                             # get help
h System                      # get help for System module
ls "foo"                      # list directory "foo"
System.halt                   # halt the EVM and exit
v N                           # value of IEx line N


mix compile                   # compile current project
mix do deps.get, compile      # get dependencies and compile
mix docs                      # generate documentation
mix escript build             # build an escript (zip archive)
mix help                      # get help for Mix
mix help <t>                  # get help for task <t>
mix new <p>                   # create file tree for project <p> 
mix run <c>                   # run command <c>
mix run -e ''      # run a specified function 
mix test                      # run all tests
mix test --trace              # run all tests, tracing execution
mix test test/<f>:4           # run test at line 4 of <f>

Other Shell

elixir foo.exs                # compile and run foo.exs file
elixirc bar.ex                # compile bar.ex file

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