The Translation page describes a "Hello World" example, drawn from Joe Armstrong's classic reference, Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World, 2e. It presents a "raw" Elixir versions of the example, in both the source code and AST forms. Here is the Elixir AST from that page, rendered as an Elixir data structure:

iex> {:ok, str_exs} = File.read("hello_0.exs")
{:ok, "defmodule Hello do\n  def start do\n..."}

iex> {:ok, ast_exs} = Code.string_to_quoted(str_exs); ast_exs
{:__block__, [],
 [{:defmodule, [line: 1],
   [{:__aliases__, [counter: 0, line: 1], [:Hello]},
    [do: {:def, [line: 2],
      [{:start, [line: 2], nil},
       [do: {{:., [line: 3], [:io, :format]}, [line: 3],
         ["Hello world~n"]}]]}]]},
  {{:., [line: 6], [{:__aliases__, [counter: 0, line: 6], [:Hello]}, :start]},
   [line: 6], []}]}

To be continued...

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