The QuickCheck-CI server can generate a range of Erlang code for translation. They expect to be supporting Elixir soon, so it may be possible to create a syntax-checking toolchain based on this service. There are also some open source QuickCheck-like implementations (e.g., PropEr, Triq).

There are several substantial Erlang code bases that have reasonably complete sets of tests. These can be used to provide "real world" unit and integration testing. Specifically, it should be possible to set up a testbed to translate code, check for correct Elixir syntax, and compare behavior.


Code Bases

Code Indexes

  • other.erldocs.com (Documentation of "other" Erlang apps)
    • .../apps.js (list of ~10K projects)
    • .../<Site>/<User>/<Repo> (entry, for browser)
    • .../<Site>/<User>/<Repo>/meta.txt (entry, as Erlang)

Test Frameworks

  • Common Test
    Used for integration testing by Chef, Cowboy, ETORRENT, Gun, OTP, ...

  • EUnit
    Used for unit testing by CouchDB, Hackney, Poolboy, Pooler, Riak, ...

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