The tables on this page support various kinds of interaction (eg, selecting, sorting, editing). Here are some introductory hints...

Selecting an Item

There are three tables, one for each documentation category: Exceptions, Modules, and Protocols. Each table contains a row for each entry (eg, Agent) in the category. Each table row has four columns:

  • Name (Agent, Application, ...)

  • Count - number of items (eg, functions, macros) in the entry

  • Status

    • Unknown - entry needs assessment
    • Mostly OK - only minor editing needed
    • To Do - Easy - entry looks easy to edit
    • To Do - Hard - entry looks hard to edit
    • In Progress - edits are in progress
    • Submitted - edits have been submitted
    • Accepted - edits have been accepted

  • Contact Information - name and/or IRC handle

Typically, if an entry has To Do - Hard status, the difficulty has to do with:

  • understanding and explaining

  • creating suitable examples

Sorting by Column

Click on a column heading to sort the entire table by that column. Click again to sort the other direction. Click a third time to disable sorting.

Editing Entries

Although the page as a whole is not editable, individual entries (ie, rows) are. Select a table to edit, then click the Edit button at the bottom.

Select a row to edit, then:

  • Edit the Contact Information field (one entry per line, please).
    Add your name, IRC handle, etc.

  • Change the row's Status value, as appropriate.

When you've made all of the desired edits, click the Save Table button. Or, if you think you've made a mistake, click the Cancel button. Do not leave an edit session in an unfinished state; that messes things up!

After you save, you'll be back on the page with the editable tables. You can edit another table or leave the page.

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