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This page summarizes some of Clojure's key concepts regarding data-reated support mechanisms. It also provides links to more detailed information.


The datatype features - deftype, defrecord, and reify - provide the mechanism for defining implementations of abstractions, and in the case of reify, instances of those implementations. The abstractions themselves are defined by either protocols or interfaces. A datatype provides a host type ... with some structure ..., and optional in-type implementations of abstraction methods. They support, in a relatively clean manner, access to the highest-performance primitive representation and polymorphism mechanisms of the host.

-- Datatypes - deftype, defrecord, and reify

Garbage Collection

Clojure relies on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to perform any needed garbage collection (ie, reclamation of memory from unused objects). Clojure's implementation of persistence generates a substantial amount of incidental garbage (eg, intermediate nodes), so efficient garbage collection is very important to performance.

Lazy Evaluation

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