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Note: This page assumes that you have successfully completed the Install step.

Image Build

The notes below are based on the hello_nerves example from the Nerves Project's Getting Started page. In this variation, we'll do the build on spot (a MacBook Air), using a Raspberry Pi 2B as the target. Our goal, in this step, is to build a system image for the target, including copies of Linux, Erlang, Elixir, Nerves, and the application code.

We start by asking Mix to create a new Nerves project:

$ mix hello_nerves_spot --target rpi2
* creating hello_nerves_spot/config/config.exs

After entering the directory, we ask Mix to ensure that we have local copies of our dependencies. Note that these will include some that are specific to the target.

$ cd hello_nerves_spot

$ mix local.hex
* creating /Users/rdm/.mix/archives/hex-0.12.1

$ mix deps.get

Now, we bring in a copy of Rebar3, "an Erlang tool that makes it easy to create, develop, and release Erlang libraries, applications, and systems in a repeatable manner".

$ mix local.rebar

Finally (whew!), we can try to compile the project. When doing this, I encountered several warnings. The one about cloudi_service_db_riak isn't a Nerves issue, so I filed it with the appropriate folks. The other bugs (I am told) will disappear Real Soon Now:

$ mix compile
==> hello_nerves_spot
Compiling 1 file (.ex)
Generated hello_nerves_spot app

As a sanity check, let's examine the results of the build:

$ NERVES_DEBUG=1 mix compile
Nerves Env loaded
Nerves Environment
target:     rpi2
toolchain:  _build/rpi2/dev/nerves/toolchain
system:     _build/rpi2/dev/nerves/system
app:        /Users/rdm/Dropbox/elixir/hello_nerves_spot

Looks good; let's create a system image for the target's firmware:

$ mix firmware
Building release with MIX_ENV=dev.
Building _images/rpi2/hello_nerves_spot.fw...

We now have an system image; our next step is to Upload it.

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