The Nerves Project supports development of software for various mid-range embedded processors (e.g., Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi). The generated software images are based on Elixir, Erlang, and Linux. Although it's possible to manually assemble all of these pieces, the process is complicated, error prone, and tedious. In addition, the resulting system image is very large (e.g., 300 MB), so it takes quite a while to upload, etc.

Fortunately, the fine folks on the Nerves Project have mechanized away most of this pain. Their tooling assembles a curated set of support software which produces substantially smaller image archives (e.g., 30 MB), So, it's definitely the way to go if you want to use Elixir on an embedded target of this type.

That said, the procedure isn't as well documented as n00b like me needs, so I created some HowTo pages. However, they assume the use of a Macintosh as a build host and a Raspberry Pi as a target, so YMMV if you're trying to use anything else!

HowTo Pages

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