Ref Type: Agent


An agent is a reference type which is shared, asynchronous, and autonomous:

  • shared - multiple threads can share access

  • asynchronous - changes may not occur immediately

  • autonomous - changes are made to a single item

Example: Add 1 to foo, at some point in the future.

In Clojure (unlike Elixir's Actor-based simulation), agents are reactive: there is no imperative message loop and no blocking receive.

Clojure API

Note: "CC" links to the official Clojure documentation; "CD" links to ClojureDocs.

  • add-watch (CC, CD) - adds a watch function to an Agent

  • agent (CC, CD) - creates and returns an Agent

  • agent-error (CC, CD) - returns any exception thrown by an Agent

  • deref (CC, CD) - returns the current state of an Agent

  • restart-agent (CC, CD) - restarts a failing Agent

  • send (CC, CD) - dispatches an action to an Agent (thread pool)

  • send-off (CC, CD) - dispatches an action to an Agent (sep. thread)

  • set-validator! (CC, CD) - sets the validator-fn for an Agent

  • shutdown-agents (CC, CD) - shuts down the Agent system's thread pools

To be continued...

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