Ecto: Cypher

Cyphex is a project to adapt and extend Ecto (an Elixir DSL for database access) to handle Cypher (Neo4j's query language).


Just as Cypher has strong similarities to SQL, Neo4j's Transactional Cypher HTTP endpoint is similar to an HTTP endpoint for a relational database. So, we only need to worry about the places where they differ.

Cypher doesn't give access to all of Neo4j's capabilities. So, we should look into supporting "unmanaged extensions", etc.




Q: How should we map the notion of a schema to Neo4j?


Q: How do Cypher's clauses and verbs compare with SQL's?

Q: How should we map data structures into Cypher patterns?


Q: How does Neo4j's Transactional Cypher HTTP endpoint differ from (say) a MySQL or Postgres endpoint?

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