Ecto: Gremlin

Gremlex is a project to adapt and extend Ecto (an Elixir DSL for database access) to handle Gremlin (a property graph query language).

    Gremlin is a graph-based traversal language developed for property graphs. In combination with Rexster, Gremlin allows users to execute ad-hoc computations on the graph backend.

    Gremlin is exposed through Rexster as an Extension and scripts may be executed via the REST API or through the Gremlin Console in The Dog House.

    -- Gremlin Extension


Although Gremlin isn't a graph database, it can be used to access Neo4j, etc. However, it doesn't appear to have anything like a declarative query language. Instead, it runs Groovy (etc) scripts against data resources.




Q: How should we map the notion of a schema to Gremlin?


Q: What should a Gremlin query look like?


Q: How should we send and receive queries from Gremlin?

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