In many ways, GitLab is similar to GitHub:

  • Both firms are strongly based on Git and related tooling.
  • Both are based in San Francisco, but promote remote work.
  • Both offer free hosting for open source projects.
  • Both provide a variety of support services and tools.

However, GitLab also has some major differences:

  • Everything they do (from code to business plans) is open source.
  • They support and strongly promote a workflow based on continuous integration:
    [ Idea, Issue, Plan, Code, Commit, Test, Review, Staging, Production, Feedback ]
  • They make heavy use of Docker Containers to make their tooling install easily.


GitLab (and Git) provide a number of tools and services which could be very useful infrastructure for AxAp:

  • blog, IRC channel, etc.
  • container-based agents
  • continuous integration
  • crypto-secured commits
  • distributed repository
  • version control system
  • wiki (extended Markdown)

Getting away from technology for a moment, GitLab has an open business model, experienced backers, and strong institutional support. It is also a deeply Open Source project, so we can modify our local agent as desired, then (once we think we have things cleanly working) propose a patch to the Mother Ship. All told, GitLab looks very promising as a starting point for AxAp.

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