Bagel One

Email L1 Agent
Email L1 Filter
Email L2 Agent
Email L2 Filter
HTTP L1 Server
Wan DSL Modem
Wan Firewall

number of rows in table is 10 (not counting header row)

SUM: Example: To sum up column 5 excluding the title row, write %CALC{"$SUM(R2:C5..R$ROW(-1):C5)"}% 

LIST: Syntax: $LIST( range )

Skip both header row and "Unspecified" - start in row 3. Row R$ROW(-1) is the last row of the table.

Email L1 Agent, Email L1 Filter, Email L2 Agent, Email L2 Filter, HTTP L1 Server, g3po, goto, Wan DSL Modem

We see: Email L1 Agent

Found: " "

Email L1 Agent: no

We see: Email L1 Filter

Found: " "

Email L1 Filter: no

We see: Email L2 Agent

Found: " "

Email L2 Agent: no

We see: Email L2 Filter

Found: " "

Email L2 Filter: no

We see: HTTP L1 Server

Found: " "

HTTP L1 Server: no

We see: g3po

Found: " "

g3po: no

We see: goto

Found: " "

goto: no

We see: Wan DSL Modem

Found: " "

Wan DSL Modem: no


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