Demo Notes

What is a Wiki?

  • collection of user-editable web pages
  • size ranges from personal to global (eg, Wikipedia)
  • hundreds of Wiki implementations exist
  • See An Introduction to Wiki

What is TWiki?

  • aimed at companies (eg, used at Yahoo!)
    • fine-grained access control, ala Unix
    • "webs" provide separation of topics
    • consultants and commercial support
    • customizable look and feel

  • advanced capabilities
    • programming support (eg, IF, FOREACH, SEARCH)
    • structuring support (eg, forms, page ancestry)
    • formatting support (eg, CSS, HTML, templates)

  • extensibility
    • "apps" can be written in TWiki Markup
    • "plugins" offer specialized features
    • new plugins can be written (in Perl)

The Good News

  • Wikis are flexible and grow organically.
  • Every user can contribute.
  • Revision control provides a safety net.

The Bad News

  • Wikis can easily turn into jungles.
  • Careless editing can create messes.

Solutions and Workarounds

  • Every Wiki should have a "gardener".
  • Wiki "apps" can provide structure.

The Demo

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin, an independent consultant specializing in software design, development, and documentation. Please feel free to email comments, inquiries, suggestions, etc!

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