Graph Magic Todo List

Feel free to send in suggestions for other items. Clues and implementation code are also quite welcome, of course...

DRYer Markup

Although these INCLUDEs do a nice job of making TWiki pages conform to the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) precept, the code itself could clearly use some refactoring. However, this shouldn't be attempted until the code stabilizes.

Error Handling

There are a few situations (eg, a node with no views) that cause the TWiki markup to get mangled. Some of this can be handled by making fields Mandatory. The checking in the gm2doc script should also be improved.

Form Visibility

In order to allow interactive control of form visibility, we had to edit the primary view template in twiki/templates. It will be possible to control this on a web-specific basis as soon as we move to the current (4.2.2) TWiki release.

HowTo Pages

We need some detailed HowTo pages for Graph Magic tasks (eg, use, editing, and administration).

Line Length

Some of the TWiki markup lines are much longer than we'd like, but we couldn't make them work when folded.

Page Indexes

If a page does not exist, it will not show up in an index. It might be useful to display pages which are listed in the NodeNames and EdgeNames pages, but not yet created.

Second-level Items

The "All A's of This B" INCLUDEs show related pages quite nicely, listing them in title order, providing links and precis text, showing some indirect (ie, second-level) relationships, etc. Unfortunately, the second-level items do not fare so well. They are listed in name order and do not act as links. Tsk...

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