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The SF Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society is organized as a Meetup group, so we have to schedule events according to their policies. Specifically:

Please note: These instructions apply to Meetup Groups created before January 23, 2014. In an effort to streamline the Organizer experience, Meetups created after that date do not have 'Let Members Suggest New Meetups' settings. Instead, members can contact Organizers with suggestions by clicking 'Suggest a Meetup,' or Organizers can appoint members as Event Organizers.

-- Who can add Meetups

An Event Organizer is a member role that an Organizer can assign to members of their Meetup Group.

Unlike Assistant Organizers, Event Organizers have limited control over the Meetup Group, but have full control over the group calendar and can email members.

-- Event Organizers

This isn't a particularly good fit for our needs, but it is workable, with care.


Proposing a new event starts out the same for everyone. Click the "SUGGEST A NEW MEETUP" link at the top of the main meetup page. At the point, things can go in one of two ways:

  • Most members will be sent to a page that allows them to send a message to "Organizers of SF Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society". If you send us the needed information in a timely manner, we promise a "best effort" to get the event listed, announced, etc.

  • Event Organizers will be allowed to edit a new event page, etc. They should not announce it to the group (we seldom do that). Instead, they should send a message to the Organizers (us), so that we can look things over, update the newsletter page, etc. If the event is coming up very shortly, we may announce it.

The first method is appropriate if you expect to propose only a few events. However, if you expect to propose events frequently, we'll designate you as an Event Organizer. As Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, With great power comes great responsibility. So, please play nicely.

Please contact us if you have questions, problems, etc. We'll try to help you out, then update this page to make things clearer.

Assembling Information

Looking over some of the existing events, you should notice a pattern:

  • Events should posted as soon as solid information is available. This can be several months in advance (why not? :-).

  • Most events should have a date, time, and location, along with the name(s) of the performers.

  • The title should be short (less than 30 characters). Normally, it names an event or the performer(s).

  • The description should contain text about the performer(s), typically lifted from some other web site.

  • The first mention of a performer's name should be made into a link to an appropriate page. Ideally, this should be their home page. Failing that, a Facebook or Wikipedia page is acceptable.

  • The event page should provide information on ticket pricing, along with a link to the hosting organization's event page.

  • If possible, a representative video (e.g., on YouTube) should be included.

Please try to include as much of this information as possible, whether you are sending us a message or editing an event page.

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