Luthier Showcase

Under the auspices of the San Francisco Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society, I am planning a monthly series of "Luthier Showcase" events, featuring the work of Bay Area luthiers. The general idea is to showcase (e.g., demonstrate, discuss) examples of excellent luthiery, in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Note: See the meetup's About us... page for general background information.


I have several inspirations for the series, including:


My notion is that this event will be kind of a cross between all of these.

  • Presentations may discuss anything of interest to the luthier:
    approach, history, motivation, objectives, techniques, etc.

  • A luthier could present his or her own work. Alternatively, a
    guitar dealer might present the work of the several luthiers.

  • Live demonstrations will make up at least half of the event.

  • A donation (e.g., $15-$20) will be collected. After the venue's
    expenses are paid, the remainder will be given to the performers.

The attendees will all be fans of acoustic guitar music. Many will be guitar players or even public performers. They may not have any particular knowledge about luthiery, but they will be interested in learning about it. In short, the presenter and performers will have a very appreciative audience.

Schedule, Timing

Here are the events that have been scheduled, to date:

As far as the event timing goes, I'd expect something like this:

  • 7:15 arrive, socialize
  • 8:00 presentations, Q&A
  • 9:30 socialize, depart

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