Newsletter - August, 2015

Welcome to the SF Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society (SFBA AGS) newsletter. See below for recent news, upcoming events, and random speculation. Please contact me (Rich Morin) with news items, comments, or suggestions.

New News

Here's a summary of (relatively) current group-related news. Additions and corrections are welcome!


Our membership has more than doubled (to about 125) since the beginning of July. If you have friends who might like to know about local guitar events, please let them know about the meetup. Having more members means we'll all hear about more events; we'll also be able to sponsor more events and/or support more performers.

Please welcome our new sponsor, Dynamic Energy Crystals. They expect to host a wide range of small evening events, starting with our Luthier Showcase series (see below). Dynamic Energy Crystals has a lovely, intimate venue in Sausalito; just be aware that the crystals may have a magnetic attraction for your credit cards (:-).

Luthier Showcase

Geoff Luttrell will be presenting at the initial event in our Luthier Showcase series. Geoff operates SF Guitarworks, which specializes in electric guitars, fretwork, etc. Geoff has a full professional knowledge of guitar repair; he began building custom electric guitars in 2012.

YouTube has quite a few videos about the Plek, a computer-controlled fret leveling tool that Geoff uses. This video, from Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, gives a fascinating introduction from the perspective of a very experienced luthier. This video, from the manufacturer, provides a detailed and very impressive (IMHO) marketing and technical overview of the Plek's capabilities and design.


I recently had some business cards made up for the group. One side has a picture of a beautiful 12-string guitar made by local luthier Tony Yamamoto. The other side describes the group, gives our URL, etc. I plan to leave these around on display tables at assorted events I attend. If you want to help distribute the cards, send me a note!

I am also open to the idea of sponsorships for cards, flyers, events, etc. For example, various related businesses (e.g., guitar stores and guitar-friendly venues, luthiers) might benefit from this highly targeted form of publicity.

Old News

Here's a list of (dated, but still relevant) topics from previous newsletters:

Upcoming Events

The online calendar is the definitive resource for schedule information, because events may be added, changed, or even removed at any time. However, the following tables may be handier than the calendar for a quick scan...


Date Time Venue Locale Performer(s)
6 (Thu) 2000 Schoenberg Guitars Tiburon Howard Alden
7 (Fri) 1930 Vintage B-E Berkeley Eric Skye & Mark Goldenberg
7 (Fri) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Bill Mize
8 (Sat) 1900 Windsor A.G.S. Windsor Bill Mize
9 (Sun) 2000 The Forte House San Francisco Trio Balkan Strings
11 (Tue) 2000 The Forte House San Francisco Trio Balkan Strings
12 (Wed) 2000 Throckmorton Theatre Mill Valley New Flamenco Trio
16 (Sun) 1400 Mountain View Cemetery Oakland Eric Symons
16 (Sun) 1930 S. Bay House Concerts Santa Clara The Gaslight Tinkers
17 (Mon) 1915 Dynamic Energy Crystals Sausalito Geoff Luttrell (Showcase)
21 (Fri) 1930 Keith Holland Guitars Los Gatos Muriel Anderson Clinic
21 (Fri) 2000 Throckmorton Theatre Mill Valley Led Kaapana & Fran Guidry
22 (Sat) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Ed Gerhard
23 (Sun) 1200 M. Woodlands Camp Mendocino Guitar Festival (8/23-29)
23 (Sun) 1400 Studio 55 Marin San Rafael Muriel Anderson
23 (Sun) 1400 A Member's House San Jose Fingerstyle Guitar Circle
23 (Sun) 1600 Rancho Nicasio Nicasio Doug Adamz
27 (Thu) 1930 M. Woodlands Camp Mendocino Preston Hall Concert
29 (Sat) 2000 Schoenberg Guitars Tiburon David Grier
30 (Sun) 1615 Island Yoga Alameda Brian Gore
30 (Sun) 1800 FogHouseConcerts San Francisco LTW (Leslie, Tice, Witcher)


Date Time Venue Locale Performer(s)
3 (Thu) 2000 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco Kevin Robinson
5 (Sat) 2000 Red Rock Coffee Mtn. View Hardly Strictly Jazz
11 (Fri) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Jack Williams
12 (Sat) 1900 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco Teja Gerken & Doug Young
12 (Sat) 2000 St. Cyprian's Church San Francisco Houston Jones, et al
12 (Sat) 2000 Throckmorton Theatre Mill Valley Danny Click
12 (Sat) 2000 Red Rock Coffee Mtn. View Hardly Strictly Trad.
13 (Sun) 1600 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco Guitar and Voice
13 (Sun) 1900 Don Quixote's Felton Clive Carroll
18 (Fri) 2000 Red Rock Coffee Mtn. View Hardly Strictly Trad.
19 (Sat) 1900 Mission Coffee Fremont Houston Jones
19 (Sat) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Clive Carroll
22 (Tue) 1900 Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley Andy McKee
23 (Wed) 1930 Don Quixote's Felton Coulter, DiSalvio, Weed
26 (Sat) 1300 Freight & Salvage Berkeley Pete Madsen
26 (Sat) 1915 Dynamic Energy Crystals Sausalito Acoustic Masters
27 (Sun) 1400 Freight & Salvage Berkeley Willy Claflin
27 (Sun) 1500 Foothill Church San Jose Houston Jones

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