Newsletter - August, 2016

Welcome to the SF Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society (SFBA AGS) newsletter. See below for recent news, upcoming events, and random speculation. Please contact me (Rich Morin) with news items, comments, or suggestions.

New News

Here's a summary of (relatively) current group-related news. Additions and corrections are welcome!


Our membership keeps growing; we're now up to 317 acoustic guitar fans. If you have friends who might like to know about local guitar events, please let them know about the meetup. Having more members means we'll all hear about more events; we'll also be able to sponsor more events and/or support more performers.

Old News

Here's a list of (dated, but still relevant) topics from previous newsletters:

Upcoming Events

The online calendar is the definitive resource for schedule information, because events may be added, changed, or even removed at any time. However, the following tables may be handier than the calendar for a quick scan...


Date Time Venue Locale Performer(s)
4 (Thu) 1930 Don Quixote's Felton Reddy, Montfort, & Gerken
6 (Sat) 1830 Gryphon Stringed Instrs. Palo Alto Reddy, Montfort, & Gerken
12 (Fri) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Gilewitz & Roest
12 (Fri) 2000 S. Community Center Sebastopol Reddy, Montfort, & Gerken
13 (Sat) 1900 Windsor A.G.S. Windsor Dave Nachmanoff
20 (Sat) 2000 Schoenberg Guitars Tiburon Mary Flower


Date Time Venue Locale Performer(s)
  9 (Fri) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Garrin Benfield
10 (Sat) 1930 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco David Tanenbaum
12 (Mon) 1930 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco Richard Savino
18 (Sun) 1200 S. Bay House Concerts San Carlos Elyse Ader & Ramon Fermin
18 (Sun) 1400 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco 100 Guitars
21 (Wed) 2000 SF Cons. of Music San Francisco Henze Guitar Concerto
23 (Fri) 2000 Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette Paul Asbell
24 (Sat) 1900 Wu Wei Tea Temple Fairfax Teja Gerken
25 (Fri) 1900 Don Quixote's Felton Dufour, D'Andrea, & Hall
30 (Fri) 1200 Fountain Stage San Jose David Leisner

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