Guitar-friendly Venues - SF Bay Area

This page lists some guitar-friendly venues (etc) in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's mostly oriented toward classical and fingerstyle, because that's my taste...

It won't be of much direct benefit to folks who live elsewhere, but it may suggest some things to look for (or start!). Here, thanks to Google, is a map that shows most of the locations!

Note: The San Francisco Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society lists a lot of local events.

Bars, Coffeehouses, Diners, Pubs, etc.

The Good News about these places is that you can eat and drink while you listen and watch. The Bad News is that you may have to hear other folks eating, drinking, and talking.

Churches, Guitar Stores, Theaters, etc.

The Good News about these places is that you can easily hear the performers. The Bad News is that you may have to BYOB or even (gasp) do without.

House Concerts

There are occasional (but very pleasant) "house concerts" in the area. Because they are being held in someone's home, there are no public announcements, let alone web sites. Typically, event announcements are sent to private mailing lists.

If you would like to hear about upcoming house concerts, send me a note about yourself and the kind(s) of music you enjoy. I will forward this to interested hosts for their consideration. Alternatively, if you host concerts, please let me know about them (and whether you'd like to hear from prospective attendees). Finally, if you're in the area, check out these resources:

Indexes, Mailing Lists, Newspapers, etc.

Meetups, Sessions, Workshops, etc.

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