I am a great fan of live guitar music, in a variety of (mostly acoustic) genres. Fortunately, the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of guitar-related activity, so I'm often able to attend several live performances each month.


To increase the number of events (and participation therein), I started the SF Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society. The meetup page listed local events related to acoustic guitar and a monthly newsletter provided information on group activity and status. The group is now in transition, moving to To subscribe, just visit the sfba-ags page and sign up!

If you're interested in listing a guitar-related event, please look over the AGS Events page. This describes the preferred listing format, procedures, etc.

Guitar-friendly venues

There are quite a few venues in this area that support live music in general and acoustic guitar in particular.

The area has several large performance venues, but they tend to be expensive. Also, there is little chance of sitting near the stage. So, I mostly attend performances in small venues (eg, house concerts). By arriving early, I can generally get a great seat and leaving a generous tip for the musicians is still cheaper than buying a ticket to a Real Concert (TM)!

Promotion for Performers

Many performers (eg, guitarists) make an effort to promote themselves, but their efforts vary widely in polish and (I suspect) effectiveness. So, with no particular expertise in the area, I've written up a page on promotion.

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