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AGS Events Background The is organized as a Meetup group, so we have to schedule events according to their policies. Specifically: Please note: These instructio...
Luthier Showcase Under the auspices of the San Francisco Bay Area Acoustic Guitar Society, I am planning a monthly series of "Luthier Showcase" events, featuring ...
Promotion for Performers Many performers (eg, guitarists) attempt to promote themselves, but their efforts vary widely in polish and (I suspect) effectiveness. I'...
SFBA Luthiers This page lists some luthiers (etc), mostly in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (or at least, California : ). Please let me know if any entries ne...
Guitar friendly Venues SF Bay Area This page lists some guitar friendly venues (etc) in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's mostly oriented toward classical and fi...
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Guitar I am a great fan of live guitar music, in a variety of (mostly acoustic) genres. Fortunately, the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of guitar related acti...
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Projects/Guitar Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Projects/Guitar web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ...
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