Aquatic Ecosystems, HIPM Entities


Environmental factors affect the growth rate of organisms. For example, ice cover, sunlight, and water temperature affect the growth rate of Phytoplankton (eg, in the Ross Sea).


  • Ice cover (ice) can limit the amount of sunlight (PUR)
    that Phytoplankton use for Photosynthesis.

  • Availability of sunlight can Limit Phytoplankton's Growth.

  • The water temperature (TH20) affects solubility of matter.

Data Structures

  "the system environment (eg, the Ross Sea)"

:parameters {
  ;; proportion of matter that becomes soluble
  :beta               [ 0.001,        1  ]

:variables {
  ;; proportion of water that is covered by ice ???
  :ice                "sum"

  ;; average daily light intensity in the modeled volume
  ;; PUR_c - at the center
  ;; PUR_e - at the top edge
  :PUR                "sum"  ;; photosynthetically usable radiation

  ;; sea water temperature (degrees Celcius)
  :TH2O               "sum"

See Data Structures for details.

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