Nutrient: Nitrate

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Nitrate (NO3) is the primary source of nitrogen (N) for plants; it is a nutrient they cannot live without. Nitrates occur naturally in soil and water.

-- Nitrate

Phytoplankton and Zooplankton both need Nitrogen to survive. Phytoplankton get it from Nitrate in the Environment; Zooplankton get it from Phytoplankton.

Data Structures

  "dissolved Nitrate in the water column"

:parameters {
  ;; average concentration of Nitrate in deep water
  ;; (umol/L as in Arrigo and Tagliabue 2005)
  :avg_deep_conc      [ 31,          32    ]

  ;; ratio of Carbon to Nitrate in phytoplankton (Redfield)
  :toCratio           [  6.6,         6.7  ]

:variables {
  ;; dissolved nitrate concentration
  :conc               "sum"

  ;; input of Nitrate due to mixing or upwelling
  :mixing_rate        "sum"

See Data Structures for details.

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