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This page describes use of SC-IPM's Extend Model tab. See App Startup and Main Window for introductory notes.


Models are "extended" by adding a process that was previously missing. So, an extended model is identical to its parent, save that it has one additional process. For example, MODEL-98 might have only lotka-volterra as a predation process. Extending it to include another process (e.g., ivlev) yields a child (MODEL-98-1). Extending the child to include yet another process (monod) yields a grandchild (MODEL-98-1-1).

Sometimes, a modeler will have a particular process s/he wants to add. Other times, the modeler will be happy to see the range of possibilities. So, this tab offers two ways to add processes to the current model. Beginning with a set of parent models (MODEL-98), it can generate either:

  • a child model, adding a specified process (MODEL-98-1)

  • all possible child models, adding one process (MODEL-98-*)

Note: The name of a child model from a specified process will always end in -1. If all possible child models are generated, the childrens' names will end in a generated sequence number (e.g., -1, ... -9, -10, ...). However, although the models are named and presented as a tree, they actually form a lattice.


After following the notes on the Test Models tab, make sure that the Extend Model tab is selected:

The bottom bar will contain two items:

  • Select a Model from Current Results (menu)
  • Extended Models based on Selected Model (button)

Select a Model from Current Results

Using the Select a Model from Current Results menu, select a model to simplify:

The left-hand pane will show detailed model information (as described in the Examine Results tab page. The upper-right pane will show the model name and score.

Add a Process

The "Add process" list contains processes which are missing from the current model, e.g.:

  • grazing{(G[(grazer)] P[(producer)])}
  • lotka-volterra{(G[(grazer)] P[(producer)])}
  • holling-type-3{(G[(grazer)] P[(producer)])}
  • ...

Click on one of these to generate a child model that has the specified process added.

Extended Models based on Selected Model

Click the Extended Models based on Selected Model button. The upper-right pane will display a diagram showing the (resulting) extended models, eg:

This pane shows the results obtained by iterating through the processes that are currently missing from MODEL-98. Click on (say) MODEL-98-4. The left-hand pane will display details about the extended model:

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