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This page describes use of SC-IPM's Simplify Model tab. See App Startup and Main Window for introductory notes.


Models are "simplified" by removing a process that was previously present. So, a simplified model is identical to its parent, save that it has one fewer process. For example, MODEL-98 might have lotka-volterra as a predation process. Simplifying it to remove this process yields a child (MODEL-98-1). Simplifying the child to remove yet another process (grazing) yields a grandchild (MODEL-98-1-1).

Note: The child models' names will end in a generated sequence number (e.g., -1, ... -9, -10, ...). However, although the models are named and presented as a tree, they actually form a lattice.


After following the notes on the Test Models tab, make sure that the Simplify Model tab is selected:

The bottom bar will contain two items:

  • Select a Model from Current Results (menu)
  • Simplified Models based on Selected Model (button)

Select a Model from Current Results

Using the Select a Model from Current Results menu, select a model to simplify:

The left-hand pane will show detailed model information (as described in the Examine Results tab page. The upper-right pane will show the model name and score.

Simplified Models based on Selected Model

Click the Simplified Models based on Selected Model button.

The upper-right pane will display a diagram showing the (resulting) simplified models, eg:

Display Details

Click on (say) MODEL-21-3. The left-hand pane will display details about the simplified model:

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