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This page describes use of SC-IPM's Simplify Model tab. See App Startup and Main Window for introductory notes.


SC-IPM's Test Models tab is used to generate and evaluate sets of model structures, based on generic definitions of constraints, entities, and processes. A limit on the number of generated models allows the modeler to try out a pseudo-random subset of the possibilities.


Make sure that the Test Models tab is selected:

The bottom bar will contain two items:

  • Select Initial Parameter Set (menu)
  • Start Model Testing (button)

Select Initial Parameter Set

Select pp-instances (Predator-Prey Instances) in the Select Initial Parameter Set menu. The menu text will change to pp-instances and the upper-left (overview) pane will fill in:


  • PPLIB is the name of a generic library.

  • pp-sim is the basename of a file in the .../scipm/data-files directory.

  • aurelia{producer} indicates that aurelia is an instance of the generic entity producer.

Click on the PPLIB generic library. The Inspect Library tab will become selected, showing the specified library. Click the Test Models tab to return.

Click on the pp-sim data file. The right-hand pane will display the first five lines of the data file, eg:

Click on the aurelia{producer} entity. The right-hand pane will show detailed information for the entity instance in question:

Start Model Testing

Click the Start Model Testing button. The lower-left pane will display an editable field (Number of models to search for) and a pair of buttons (OK, Cancel):

  • The OK button tells SC-IPM to accept the entered number and begin the test run.

  • The Cancel button tells SC-IPM to cancel the test run.

Fill in the number of models (eg, 100), then click OK. A progress indicator will appear in the lower-left pane:

    Running ...

    Models requested: 100
    Simulating MODEL-0100
    Simulating MODEL-0099

When the test run finishes, the progress indicator will be replaced by a summary of the results, eg:

    Models found: 108
    Models with unique structure: 46
    Models with no convergent solution: 6
    Models not found: 0
    Invalid models found: 0

This summary also appears in the upper-left pane of the Examine Results tab.

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