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These pages are an early draft of an online manual for SC-IPM. At this writing (Fall, 2013), the pages only contain a User Guide. See other parts of the parent web (eg, ISLE, IPM, etc.) for more information on SC-IPM and IPM.

Caveat: Both SC-IPM and this manual have known bugs, features that are still in flux, etc.


SC-IPM (Structural Constraints for Inductive Process Modeling) is the current incarnation of the IPM suite. It adds structural constraints (eg, which generic process models can be combined with which others) to Inductive Process Modeling, reducing the "search space" that the code needs to explore.

User Guide

The User Guide is structured as a "guided tour" through SC-IPM's user interface. It begins with startup details, then covers the main window and the individual tabs (eg, Inspect Library).

The sections in each tab-specific page contain user actions, followed by screenshots and discussion of the expected results. The detailed content of the sections is hidden by default, but may be displayed by use of the "Expand all" button and/or "More..." links.

The examples are based on a simple (predator-prey) example, involving Didinium nasutum (zooplankton) and Paramecium aurelia (phytoplankton). Skimming the pages should provide a high-level view of SC-IPM's features.



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