Generic Processes


These pages are an experiment in documenting generic processes. The Inductive Process Modeling (IPM) software requires process descriptions to be in the form of code, but humans may prefer other forms (eg, diagrams, mathematical notation, text) as alternatives. So, my plan is to experiment with these, using assorted documentation tools (eg, D3, Foswiki, LaTeX, LaTeXModePlugin, MathModePlugin).


Each generic process is (eventually) expected to have its own wiki page, containing:

  • a high-level textual description of the process,
    including constraints, entity types, and relationships

  • mathematical formulation of constraints and relationships

  • visual aids, eg: overview diagrams, graphs of behavior

  • the machine-readable description of the process

This effort, which addresses both documentation and development needs, has various inspirations, eg:


These examples are drawn from the HIPM (Hierarchical Inductive Process Modeling) and SC-IPM (Satisfying Constraints to Induce Process Models) code bases.

Aquatic Ecosystems

The Aquatic Ecosystems pages describe HIPM's model for growth of phytoplankton and zooplankton in Antarctica's Ross Sea. This is an example of aquatic ecosystem modeling.

The Exponential Loss (old) page is an early attempt at describing one of SC-IPM's models.

To Be Continued...


  • To Be Continued...


  • To Be Continued...

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