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What is a Wiki? * collection of user editable web pages * size ranges from personal to global (eg, Wikipedia) * hundreds of Wiki implementations exist ...
MBW Images This page is used to store images and image maps for certain classes of pages (eg, Views). This is a machine generated file; see mbw2dot (the generat...
MBW Includes Here is the place that the deep magic occurs. The includable page sections (ie, INCLUDEs) below make the actual TWiki pages featureful, yet keep them...
MBW Introduction Theory Model based Wiki (MBW) provides both an organizational approach and some handy support software for documenting complex systems in TWik...
The table below defines the possible values for the "Node Names" field of the NodeForm and the "Node Names" field of the ViewForm . Indirectly (via INCLUDE...
And, of course, generated pages such as MBW YAML, Edge Index , Node Index , and View Index all serve as documentation to the actual topic pages.
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