Data Sets

Here are some informal descriptions of possible Meta data sets, hinting at their purposes, content, and format. More exact definitions (e.g., XML Schemas) will be developed as system needs and existing resources become better understood.

The "official" versions of these data sets may reside anywhere on the Internet; copies can then be pulled in (and possibly cached) as needed.

  • Build Schema, Install Schema

    Build and installation "preferences" for specific hardware architectures, software environments, organizational levels (e.g., company, network, node, user) and types (e.g., debug, production).

  • Configuration Schema

    Configuration status (e.g., file modification and package installation dates) for a given machine, network, etc.

  • Linkage Tables

    Relationship information (possibly annotated) connecting other data elements.

  • Organization Schema, Person Schema

    Contact and descriptive information for organizations (e.g., companies, projects) and individuals (e.g., authors, maintainers).

  • Package Schema

    General information about packages (e.g., history, purpose, limitations).

  • Program Schema

    Descriptions of programs (e.g., file access, purpose).

  • Version Schema

    Specific information on package versions (e.g., access information, release date, ID).

For a more detailed discussion of structural issues, visit Data Model.

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