Possible Questions

In order to motivate the design of the Meta Data Model, we need to consider the sorts of questions that Meta should be able to answer. Here are some possibilities:

  • Which files need to be backed up?

    Consider a rule-based backup system that only saves things that meet certain criteria. This could be a simple test of time stamps or it could include factors such as file type and size (do we really want to back up .o files or humongous data files?).

    Several years ago, I created such a backup system for Apple. It worked, but was not easily configurable by non-programmers. Using Meta, a generalized backup system could be created, allowing users to specify arbitrary selection criteria.

  • What "See Also" and "Files" references are broken?

    More generally, what is missing or wrong in the man pages? Several years ago, I did some simple graph analysis on Apple's (A/UX 1.0) man pages. I'd like to do this again, more completely, folding in metadata from other sources.

  • What directories and files are primarily relevant to a given "subsystem" and how do they relate to each other? This information could be used in the creation of "subsystem overviews" (e.g., web pages with image-mapped graphs of relationships).

-- Main.RichMorin - 16 Jun 2003
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