The Metadata Problem

If, as The Documentation Problem asserts, the documentation for Eclectic Systems is broken, the integration of System Metadata is a complete disaster. With sufficient effort, almost any desired piece of metadata can be acquired. The user might have to parse a data file, run a command, or grovel through some source code, but it's all there.

Finding the appropriate data file, command, or source code is, of course, the user's problem. Just look it up in the documentation (:-). Wouldn't it be a better idea for our community to make all of this information more easily available? Having ascertained the information once, why not make it readily available for everyone?

Simply storing copies of the System Metadata in consistent and documented locations and formats would be a great start. Folding in the System Documentation, however, could provide a complete resource for system information. And that, indeed, is what Meta is all about.

-- Main.RichMorin - 16 Jun 2003
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