Ways to Help

Meta is far too big a project for any one person, even assuming infinite time and wizardly attributes. Having neither to offer, I (Main.RichMorin) am forced to ask for help. Interested parties are therefore encouraged to contact me (rdm@cfcl.com); prospective volunteers and sponsors are particularly welcome.

Ignoring questions of Supported Software, here are some arbitrary "levels" of Meta development:

  1. Define Meta's basic concepts.
  2. Define the purpose of each data set.
  3. Define the content of each data set.
  4. Define the XML encoding of each data set.
  5. Populate the data sets, using scripts, etc.
  6. Annotate the data sets, using Real Work (TM).

We are in pretty good shape (I think :-) on Level 1 and we're just beginning on Levels 2 and 3. Obviously, a completed Level 6 system will take many man-years of effort! On the other hand, the existing Eclectic Systems and Open Source packages didn't appear overnight and they aren't going away any time soon. Thus, we have time...

Here are some specific ways that individuals and/or organizations can help to make Meta a reality:

  • Help define the Meta Data Sets: what's missing (e.g., data sets, fields), what's wrong (e.g., poor organization), etc.

  • Open Source development projects should think about ways that they could benefit from (and promote) Meta. As the Meta Data Sets begin to take shape, projects should start trying to create data sets.

  • Open Source indexing and packaging projects should think about ways to provide XML versions of their public information.

  • Eclectic Systems integrators should think about the kinds of System Metadata they could provide and how Meta might help them with their support needs (e.g., administration, bug tracking, installation, packaging, programming, security).

-- Main.RichMorin - 16 June 2003
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