EPC Pane

The overview pane will contains sections for entities, processes, and constraints:

  • Entities - names of generic entities (e.g., "grazer", "producer")

  • Processes - names of processes and related entities
    (e.g., grazing{(G[(grazer)] P[(producer)])})

  • Constraints - names (e.g., GRAZING-REQ), types (e.g., EXACTLY-ONE),
    and constrained items (e.g., GProcess: grazing)

The process information (names of processes and related entities) is displayed in a rather cryptic fashion. Each entry summarizes a SC-IPM data structure, eg:

  • G is the ID (i.e., name) of an instantiated grazer entity.

  • P is the ID of an instantiated producer entity.

  • grazing is the name of the entity's generic process.

So, each model structure that SC-IPM creates will contain EXACTLY-ONE instance of a generic process (grazing) which deals with a grazer named G and a producer named P.

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