ReMedia is my exploration into indexing of media, using graph-based navigation, organization, and presentation.

Note: The name supports two disparate interpretations: ReMedia will contain information about (ie, "re") media, but it also explores possible remedies for media's current, fragmented state.


The Web is an evolving graph of (more or less) dynamic HTML pages. It also serves as a distributed archive for millions of static documents (eg, images, PDF files, videos). Many of these documents are related to events (eg, concerts, interviews, performances, talks).

These documents are an increasingly important resource, Serving billions of users with entertainment and information. Unfortunately, the available indexes are limited in both access and scope. See the Motivation page for details.

Getting Started

Data Sources

There are many possible data sources to choose from, ranging from hand-curated, single-topic sites to wide-spectrum sites such as YouTube.

However, to keep the initial problems manageable, I am starting with Confreaks and InfoQ. Together, these sites contain a few thousand videos of interviews, presentations, and panel discussions. Better yet, they are focused on the kinds of technical videos I watch (:-).


My plan is to do the initial "spike" using the same infrastructure I foresee for the final system. Of course, My Mileage May Vary (:-).


The Datomic folks have released a sample database for MusicBrainz (an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public).


Yasiv is an experimental "visual recommendation service" by Andrei Kashcha. Currently, the GUI presents a force-directed diagram of a directed graph, using thumbnail images as nodes.

Here are some example queries:

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