This TWiki web contains information and notions related to the "SPARQLy GUIs" portion of the SPARQLy project.

Sub-Project Goal

SPARQLy GUIs' goal is to create Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) which make Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies (eg, SPARQL) easier and more powerful to use.

Current Approach

GitHub is a popular, robust platform for collaborative software development. It provides online archiving and inspection, notification, wikis, and more. Using GitHub Pages, developers can create and publish "recipes" (single-page web applications).

GitHub Pages is only used to generate and host the recipes; all subsequent activity takes place on the user's computer and the web resources (eg, SPARQL endpoints) it uses. So, no undue burden is placed on GitHub.

By assuming that the user has a current web browser, we free developers to use powerful and convenient web technologies (eg, CoffeeScript, D3, Ember, jQuery, JSON-LD, SVG, Underscore). This allows the recipes to be both powerful and concise.

At present, we are only developing "demo" recipes. Over time, however, we expect to provide JavaScript support libraries which will ease the development of interesting and useful recipes.

SPARQLy GUIs' web pages are available to inspect and try out. To examine the underlying files, visit SPARQLy-GUIs (gh-pages branch).


Here is the current architecture for the suite, expressed as a (simplistic) data flow diagram:

When a developer updates the content of a gh-pages branch, GitHub Pages generates one or more static files using Jekyll, Liquid, Markdown, etc.

When a web browser requests a GitHub Page, a web server delivers the generated files. Client-side code (eg, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and supporting libraries) then takes over, handing all user interaction, external queries, and reporting.


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