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Slide 1: Title, etc.



Rich Morin,

with help from

Gregg Kellogg,

Slide 2: Motivation

  • There are many public web resources:

    • CSV, JSON, and other "data silos"
    • Linked Data (eg, SPARQL endpoints)

  • However, using them can be a challenge.

    • Few examples of working apps.
    • Not everyone is a programmer.

  • So, let's collaborate!

Slide 3: Overview

  • Find a hospitable collaboration platform.
    (eg, GitHub)

  • Start with their server-side technology.
    (eg, GitHub Pages, Jekyll)

  • Add development tools, as needed.

  • Add nifty client-side technology.

  • Write cool recipes!

Slide 4: Technology Mix

The current technology mix includes:

  • Development support
    (eg, Git, GitHub, Jekyll, Ruby, YAML)

  • Template languages
    (eg, Handlebars, Liquid, Markdown)

  • JavaScript libraries
    (eg, CoffeeScript, D3, jQuery)

  • Semantic Web languages
    (eg, JSON-LD, SPARQL, Turtle)

Slide 5: Data Flow (1)

Here is a high-level view of the data flow:

Slide 6: Data Flow (2)

Here is a more detailed view:

Slide 7: Demo

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