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Project Goals

Not surprisingly, SPARQLy's goals tend to involve SPARQL. They also (for the moment, at least) have a strong Ruby flavor, based on (at least) convenience and interest for the developers. Anyway, here's the current (WIP!) list:

  • Adding SPARQL endpoints for selected data (eg, metadata for Ruby Gems).

  • Encouraging collaboration among developers and users (eg, discussion and indexing of recipes, development of infrastructure).

  • Encouraging wider adoption of SPARQL, especially in the Ruby and web development communities.

  • Experimenting with related topics (eg, GUIs, wikis, query pre- and post-processing).

In short, SPARQLy strives to make SPARQL more convenient and powerful for both novice and expert users.


Lofty goals aside, the current sub-project list is quite short:

  • SPARQLy Ruby - Make Ruby code (eg, Gems) SPARQL

    Harvest metadata from Ruby code, using static and dynamic analysis (eg, Bundler, Laser, Metric_fu, tests, YARD), etc.

  • SPARQLy GUIs - GUIs, optimized for SPARQL

    Create Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) which make SPARQL easier and more powerful to use, using additional technologies such as D3, Ember, HTML5, jQuery, and JSON-LD.

Slides, etc.

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