SemWeb Installfest, Sunday 2009.10.18

Thanks to John Faber, Alteresco Clément, and Parisoma, we have a confirmed venue for the SemWeb Installfest:

    Sunday 10/18, 1-4 pm
    1436 Howard (at 10th) in San Francisco

    This is about five blocks from the Civic Center BART station.
    Alternatively, there should be lots of available parking. (map)

The basic plan is to have a short presentation (basically, a sales pitch :) on each of several Open Source packages. Then, folks can download the packages they are interested in and try installing them. Once everyone has their packages of interest, we can have some breakout sessions for demos, experimentation, etc.

  • "Semantic Web Programming" tool suite

    "Semantic Web Programming" suggests Eclipse 3.4, Java SDK 1.6,
    Pellet 1.5.2, and Protege 4.0 as its basic tool set. It also suggests
    Joseki, a SPARQL endpoint for Jena. I can help folks install these
    tools on Mac OS X and possibly help on other systems.

    I've created a HowTo page for installing these on Mac OS X:
    If you can help me create a HowTo for another OS, speak up!

    I've also created a HowTo page for the InferenceExample in chapter 5:

    Finally, here are my (WIP) slideshows:

  • Zemanta

    Andraz Tori, CTO of Zemanta, will be presenting the Zemanta API (including some demo apps), as well as helping folks out with miscellaneous installation issues.

  • Franz tools

    Although Franz Inc will not be able to provide a speaker for this month's event, they are still sponsoring the event! I'm hoping they can supply a speaker on AllegroGraph and Gruff Real Soon Now.

  • Your favorite tool(s)

    If you would like to present another tool and help folks get
    started using it, please let me know! Alternatively, feel
    free to suggest ideas on

- Rich Morin

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