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Slide 1: Tools - Overview

  • Ontology editors
    • data modeling, lexicon development, etc.
    • formal (eg, RDF, OWL) ontologies
  • RDF triplestores
    • special-purpose databases for RDF triples
  • Reasoners
    • infer based on RDF statements, rules, etc.
  • SPARQL Endpoints
    • provide access via HTTP, XML, etc.

Slide 2: Tools - Details

  • Infrastructure
    • Most Semantic Web tools are written in Java or C.
    • "Semantic Web Programming" suggests the Eclipse IDE.
    • SF SemWeb Meetup has monthly "hands on" Installfests.
    • Some gratis packages simply "drop in".

Slide 3: Tools - Example Configuration


Slide 4: Books

Slide 5: Web Resources

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