Jena Ruby Hacks

Note: This page presumes that you have a working Jena/Ruby setup. If not, see Setup Jena Ruby for HowTos, etc.

We'll start by running jirb and performing a few setup tasks. Here's some background info:

  • rj is a (Bourne shell) wrapper script for jirb.

  • js.rb is a bit of Ruby code to start up Jena (eg, load jarfiles).

  • song.owl is a simple OWL ontology about songs.

OK; let's get started:

% rj
>> require 'js'
=> true
>> m = Jena.create_model
=> #<Java::ComHpHplJenaOntologyImpl::OntModelImpl:0x6e8e76>
>> m.write(System.out)
    xmlns:owl="" > 
=> #<Java::ComHpHplJenaRdfModelImpl::ModelCom:0xc93cf5>

=> #<Java::ComHpHplJenaOntologyImpl::OntModelImpl:0x6e8e76>
>> m.to_s.size
=> 34613

>> items = %w[ Genre Song Composer Instrument Musician Recording ]
=> ["Genre", "Song", "Composer", "Instrument", "Musician", "Recording"]
>> items.each {|item| Jena.make(m, "{item}") }
=> ["Genre", "Song", "Composer", "Instrument", "Musician", "Recording"]
>> jazz ='')
a type of
my uri is
	hasName ->
>> jazz.hasName = "Jazz Music"
=> "Jazz Music"

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